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BG CURC40 40A 30mA RCBO SP Type C designed to be used with BG Range of Consumer Units. 

RCBO (Residual Current Breaker with Overload Protection) combines functions of a MCB and RCD in one unit. Used to protect the particular circuit and preferable to separate RCD and MCBs. RCBO's detect over currents due to both overloads and faults. Suitable for general domestic consumer use and commercial use.


  • Single Pole RCBO - 230V AC

  • 30mA Trip 6kA

  • C-Curve RCBO

  • Complete with Neutral Lead and additional white earth lead to provide increased protection from earth leakage 

  • Positive indication for On or Off

  • DIN Rail Mounted

  • Device capable of being locked in the On or Off position using a device lock
Manufacturer: MK
Condition: New
BS Standard: 61009-2: 1995 & 61009-1: 2004
Current Rating: 40A
RCD Rating: 40A 30mA
Breaking Capacity : 6kA
Voltage Rating: 230 - 240V AC
Curve Type: C Curve