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Scolmore Click New Media MP520 Media Plate 47mm Deep Back Box With Central Divider 8 Module is designed to be installed flush and used only with Click New Media Plates.


  • Instead of numerous unsightly individual sockets, a single NEW MEDIA plate can be used at a convenient point to bring together any combination of Media Modules

  • 1 moveable MP521 Divider supplied

  • Can support up to 8 New Media Euro Modules Single Space e.g. MM480WH RJ45 Modules

  • Can support up to 4 New Media Euro Modules Double Space e.g. MM440WH Quad Modules

  • MP510 Media Plate Yoke required for mounting modules

  • Fitted with Earth Terminals

Also available in the exciting New Media collection: Socket Modules, Cat 5 Modules, Cat 6 Modules, Coax Modules, Diplexed Modules, Triplexed Modules, Quad Modules, RCA Modules, HDMI Modules and Telephone Modules.

Manufacturer: Scolmore
Condition: New
Style: Click New Media Plates & Modules
Back Box Depth: 47 mm
Product type: Misc Module
Height: 75 mm
Width: 225 mm