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Scolmore Click Deco VPSS205BK 45A DP Switch + 13A Switched Socket & Neons is finished in Stainless Steel with Red Rocker Control Switch and Black Rocker Power Switch complete with White Outer Trim.


  • Stainless Steel Finish

  • White Trim with Red Control Switch and Black Power Switch

  • High quality, long life and unprecedented value for money

Also available in the Click Deco Stainless Steel collection: Ingot Switches, Power Socket Outlets, 13A Fused Connection Units, Control Switches, Dimmers, TV Sockets, Media Sockets, Telephone Sockets and Data Sockets.

Manufacturer: Scolmore
Condition: New
Style: Click Deco
Finish: Stainless Steel
Back Box Depth: 35 mm
Product type: Control Switches
Trim Colour: Black
Height: 88 mm
Width: 146 mm
Plate Depth: 8 mm