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Compact Fluorescent

Our Compact Fluorescent Low Energy Lamps from top brands such as Kosnic, Megaman, Aurora offer a great range of both Warm White, Cool White or Daylight Lighting selections. One of these colour temperatures will suit your requirements. Sleek and compact, these lamps save up to 80% more energy than their Incandescent counterparts as well as having an exceedingly long life.

At PEC, we also stock Compact Fluorescent Lights in Spotlight form from brands such as Aurora and Kosnic, offering both Daylight and Warm White options for you to choose from. Perfect as kitchen lighting or display lights, these lights also have a long bulb life. If you are looking for maximum shine with minimal heat dissipation, take a look at the GX53 compact low energy Lamps or Low Energy GU10. No matter what type of Fluorescent lamp you’re looking for, we’ve got something to suit your needs.