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LED Lamps

LED is the future. We take great pride in the LED Lamps we provide and offer powerful, energy efficient and resourceful lamps that are wonderful options to everyday task lighting as well as ambient and accent lighting. Choose from a range of natural colours such as Daylight, Cool White or Warm White from proven manufacturers such as Kosnic, Aurora and Pecstar. 

If you’re looking for something fun and different then LEDs will allow you to express your creativity. Fancy a passionate Red light for atmosphere, or a fun Yellow or Green to highlight a dull corner? If you can’t decide, why not choose a multi-coloured LED Light that will cycle in unison between 7 different shades? Now that’s display lighting with a difference!

LED Lamps will be coming through in all shapes and sizes to replace Traditional Lamps and we will do our best to source the best at a competitive price.