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Wylex WRS40/2 40A 30mA 2 Pole RCD A.C

SKU: WRS40/2

Wylex WRS40/2 40A 30mA 2 Pole RCD A.C

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Wylex WRS40/2 40A 30mA 2 Pole RCD A.C is designed to provide protection against earth faults occurring in equipment and reduces the effects of electric shock on human beings and thus saves lives.

Wylex RCD measures the current flowing in the live and neutral cables and if there is an imbalance, that is current flowing to earth above the RCD sensitivity, the RCD will trip and cut off the supply.

All Wylex RCDs incorporate a filtering device to provide protection against transient surges in the supply to the unit, thus reducing the occurrence of unwanted tripping.

Wylex RCDs must never be used as the sole method of direct contact protection, but are invaluable in providing supplementary protection in high risk environments where damage may occur.

The operating dolly may be locked in either the ON or OFF position without affecting the ability of the trip mechanism to operate, i.e. the RCD is 'trip-free'. It is not possible to hold the contacts closed when a fault condition exists.

When in the OFF position a contact gap of 4 mm is present, enabling Wylex RCDs to be used as isolating switches where appropriate.


  • Positive Indication for On or Off

  • 40A RCD 230V

  • Takes up 2 Module Spaces


Manufacturer Wylex
Range WRS40/2
Part Number WRS40/2
Condition New
BS Standard 7671
Current Rating 40A
RCD Rating 40A 30mA
Manufacturer Wylex
For Domestic or Three Phase Domestic


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