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LED G4 Capsule Lamps

LED G4 Capsule Lamps we provide offer bright, energy efficient alternative to your traditional halogen G4 lamps. They last longer and are wonderful options to everyday task lighting as well as ambient and accent lighting. Our lamps are suitable for ornamental and open fittings. They can be used in enclosed shades but this will decrease the life of the G4. Choose from a range of natural colours such as Daylight, Cool White or Warm White from proven manufacturers such as Crompton, Minisun and VTAC. 

Deciding on colour temperatures. LED Lamps can have different colour temperatures indicated in units called Kelvin (K). Lamps with a low Kelvin value 2700K produce a warm cosier light similar to traditional halogen, while those with a higher Kelvin value 6000K produce a daylight more clinical light.

LED G4 Capsule Lamps are designed to work with on 12V low voltage transformers/drivers. G4 LED's can be retrofitted to standard halogen transformers but are designed to be used with LED Drivers for a longer life. G4 lamps are easily identifiable via two sharp pins. Installation method is to push in and removal is simply a pull out.   
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MiniSun 19208 1.5W G4 LED Capsule Daylight

MiniSun LED 1.5W G4 bulbs can be used as direct replacements for halogen G4's with energy savings of over 80%.
  • £2.95