COVID-19 Update

PEC does fall in to the category of essential business but

the bigger picture here is supporting our country and our NHS.

As a family, we have decided to close the doors of our web & store front until further notice. 

PEC have served the electrical and domestic community for over 40 years.

We pray for you and your family to stay safe and well through this truly challenging period.

Thank you for the support and will see you all very soon.

Be safe, be positive and stay at home.

Circuit Protection

The heart of all your electrics comes down to your Circuit Protection. It is incredibly important and should not be underestimated when it comes to protecting your home or business. Safe and effective power distribution is second nature when your dealing with brands like MK, Wylex, MEM and BG. All these brands are available from us at competitive prices.  

You can count on PEC Circuit Protection to supply you with latest Consumer Units, Switchfuses, Rotary Isolators, MCBs, and Three Phase Distribution to suit every requirement and budget. Protect your circuits with the very best on the market.

Great deals to be had on our Fully Loaded Consumer Units delivered right to your job.

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