COVID-19 Update

PEC does fall in to the category of essential business but

the bigger picture here is supporting our country and our NHS.

As a family, we have decided to close the doors of our web & store front until further notice. 

PEC have served the electrical and domestic community for over 40 years.

We pray for you and your family to stay safe and well through this truly challenging period.

Thank you for the support and will see you all very soon.

Be safe, be positive and stay at home.

Switches and Sockets

Style is everywhere, even when it comes to your plug socket. You may not consider it important, but a shabby or boring light switch or socket will bring down the look of an otherwise beautiful home or business. Add value to your space with our beautiful ranges e.g. Retrotouch Crystal Range or BG Nexus Metal.    

From ultra-modern Black Nickel finishes to Polished Chrome and Satin Chrome options, PEC stock only the best Switches and Sockets from top of the line manufactures such as Scolmore Click, BG Electrical, Crabtree and Retrotouch.

We can offer you Switches and Sockets in a range of profiles to suit your space, Define Flat Plate, Deco Raised Plate, Nexus Metal Curved Plate, Crabtree Platinum Screwless Plate, Heritage Brass Stepped Plate and Retrotouch Glass Plates.  

If you’re looking for something hard wearing and durable to protect from arduous conditions, look no further than our selection of Weatherproof Switches and Sockets, all designed to keep your Electrical Wiring Accessories completely safe whilst the convenience of having outdoor Switches and Sockets.

Our selection of White Switches and Sockets from Click Mode, BG 800 Series and MK Logic Plus are very competitively priced and offer an extensive range to cover all outcomes required in your refurbishment e.g Data Sockets, Media Sockets and LED Compatible Dimmers.  

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